Our advanced software as a service (SaaS) solutions differentiate us from others in the 3PL marketplace and create the most value for our customers. Only Transplace has the proprietary technology—backed by our decades of expertise, our broad market knowledge, and is delivered to virtually any network-enabled device—to automate processes for superior transportation management. Whether you require a complete outsource of your operations or simply need a TMS solution to use internally, our technology can be uniquely configured to fit your business needs.  

Scenario Pro Technology (SPT) is the brain of our SaaS Transportation Management System (TMS) and the key to saving transportation costs for our customers. It’s an optimization engine for mode selection, LTL consolidation, optimal carrier assignment, continuous moves matching and shipment routing. SPT is also the starting point for Transplace engineers when analyzing and developing customer-specific solutions, network design and optimization, as well as site selection and product flow analyses.  

Business Intelligence provides our customers with on-demand reporting and custom scorecards, as well as dashboards to fit your business needs. Greater visibility into service, costs, and tracking means the right data at the right time—and in the right format to help you align your business goals with actual performance against those goals.  

The Order Management System (OMS) provides flexibility in order administration, without interfering with shipping processes.

The Transplace Freight Allocation Module (FAM) connects shippers and carriers in a real-time online marketplace for efficient spot-load transport.   The on-demand technology solutions we apply to your business and transportation challenges, automates processes to increase efficiency and cost savings, giving you greater visibility into shipments and, ultimately, a competitive advantage—without heavy capital investment in internal systems or software licenses and installations.