The Essential Tool for Capturing Logistics Value
Developed by Transplace to overcome the limitations of off-the-shelf market products, Scenario Pro TechnologySM (SPT) is used by our consulting practice and in our Transportation Management System to unlock efficiencies and savings when dealing with complex trade-offs in rates, transit times and routing options. Built by and for logistics professionals, SPT is an optimization engine for mode selection, LTL consolidation, optimal carrier assignment, continuous moves matching and shipment routing. It is also the key solution that empowers Transplace engineers to analyze and develop planning solutions for your company.
Flexibly Integrate Planning and Execution
Transplace SPT is deployed differently than other tools in the supply chain optimization marketplace. Most are highly parameter-based within a static optimization model. However, Transplace SPT is a library of optimization routines which can be referenced within a highly dynamic modeling structure. Each deployment utilizes unique parameters within a custom-tailored series of optimization calls.