Track Actual KPIs Against Your Targets
Stay ahead of the information you need with Transplace Business Intelligence. With all the information you need to make fast decisions, you can stay on top of changing business conditions and plan for a more prosperous future.
We provide on-demand reporting, ad hoc reporting and custom scorecards, as well as standard and custom dashboards to fit your business needs. As a result, you get greater visibility into service, costs and and crucial data that improves your business.
A focus on providing scorecards and dashboards gives you visibility to the right data at the right time – and in the right format to help you align your business goals with actual performance against those goals.
ARC Advisory's recent survey shows business intelligence/analytics as the highest-ranked functionality requested by customers.
Several factors are driving the demand for BI within the transportation and logistics space, according to transportation analyst and Logistics Viewpoints blogger Adrian Gonzalez. “Companies want more granular visibility to their transportation spend so that they can manage and control it more effectively. They want to identify negative trends in costs and performance—and identify root causes—as early as possible to take corrective action. And they need to conduct ‘what if’ analyses to evaluate the service and cost trade-offs of different transportation strategies and tactics,” said Gonzalez.