​In 2011, Transplace joined forces with Celtic International, world-class intermodal marketing company. When your shipments require alternative or combined modes of transportation, Celtic International is your answer. 

Electronic System Capabilities

  • All electronic information exchanges and reporting are customized based on customer requirements
  • Online booking is currently being utilized by Celtic International customers
  • Web based tracing is available
  • Personnel available 24/7 to address all customer/vendor needs
Equipment Base
  • Celtic International manages in excess of 100,000 pieces of rail owned equipment and/or ISO containers
  • Currently in negotiations to purchase our first tendering of Celtic International equipment
Highway Capabilities
With over 8,000 proven carriers under contract, Celtic International has established itself as an award-winning highway partner for its clients. Full EDI Capabilities
  • Operations you can TRUST 24/7/365
  • Flexible carrier base to adapt to our client's changing markets and needs
  • Infrastructure to support the demands of volume and supply chain management
Visit Celtic International for more information: www.celticintl.com